Top Ten Tuesday

*Top Ten Tuesday* Top Ten Characters to have on an island with you



Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by: The Broke and the Bookish!

Top Ten Characters to have on a deserted Island with you:

Evie From Poison Princess: She would be my best friend and she is super resourceful since she controls nature

Gwen from Ruby Red: She is a time traveler who wouldn’t want a time traveler with you when on a deserted Island?

Will from The Infernal Devices: Need I say more? Yes I would find a way to make him mine!

Alice From Twilight: She is fun and upbeat plus she can see whats going to happen before it happens that is a pretty awesome skill to have on a deserted Island with you.

Harry Potter: Does this one really need a description? Were on a deserted Island why wouldn’t we want a wizard among us???

Clary and Jace From The Mortal Instrauments: This should be entertaining and fun!

Allison From The Immortal Rules and  Aunt Glenda From Ruby Red: Allie is a freakin badass and who doesn’t need someone with the survival instincts she has. Aunt Glenda is one of my most hated “Family” characters at the moment and Allie has to survive off someones blood so were bringing Aunt Glenda along as her blood bag 🙂

Rose Hathaway From Vampire Academy: She is sarcastic, takes no crap, and is funny as hell we need her along for the ride!

This is a pretty crazy mix of characters but I’m satisfied!


26 thoughts on “*Top Ten Tuesday* Top Ten Characters to have on an island with you

  1. Haha I picked Harry too! Also, I went with Dimitri instead of Rose, cause he’s hot and just as capable. I went for a lot of eye candy on my island. Great list! 🙂

  2. I believe I commented on this kind of post 3-4 times today! XD It’s everywhere! But, basically, I’d love to have Magnus Bane, Katniss or Damon on the deserted island with ne, ^^ They’re all kickass and entertaining (not so sure about Katniss but I do like her so whatever.) Nice post!

  3. I wanted to pick Gwen as well, I even considered Leslie because she’s a great friend but in the end I chose other characters over them. But how could I forget about Alice!? I remember while reading the books she was my favorite from the Cullens. Great picks 🙂

    1. Hahaha Thanks!
      Alice is bomb!!!! and I really loved Leslie too she is such a great friend 🙂 If you have ever read simone Elkeles Perfect Chemistry Series, read the last book Chain Reaction Nikki has the best book friend I have ever read!

  4. I was going to put Rose on my list because she is just all around amazing, but I put Dimitri on my list and figured it would not be good to have them both because I want Dimitri all to myself ! Haha

    1. Hahaha! I was going to put Dimitri on my list as well, but I dread love triangles and I didnt want to have one between Will, Dimitri, and I so I had to make the hard choice and of course Will beat out Dimitri 🙂

    1. Me too because I really wanted to add Jasper as well since he had that mood control thing going on. I imagine on a deserted Island with all the different people things will get intense, and we need Jasper for that

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