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BLOG TOUR: Had To Be You By: Juliet Chatnam

unnamed (8)


unnamed (9)Had To Be You

by Juliet Chatham

Release Date: 08/05/14

Swoon Romance

Summary from Goodreads:

After college, Rory Finn left behind the familiarity of her quiet, picturesque hometown to pursue

a professional career in the city. With her sights firmly on the future, Rory pressed on in hopes of

forgetting the past until a jarring bit of unwelcome news forces her to confront it.

Her first love, the one she’d tried so hard to forget, is about to marry someone else. That pang

Rory feels isn’t envy, it’s not even regret. It’s love. But Rory can’t be that girl. She won’t. But if

she doesn’t, she’ll never know what could have been. She’ll never have another chance to tell him

how she feels.

As she embarks on an impulsive, desperate bid to win him back, her mission turns into an

unexpected and emotional journey of rediscovery. HAD TO BE YOU explores a history of love

from its tentative beginnings to what may just turn out to be its final bittersweet end, as Rory

ignores her head and follows her heart.




4.5 out of 5 stars

Lets just start with Appearance. This cover is absolutely gorgeous and screams Summer read! Since it is nearing the end of summer I am trying to get in as many summery contemporaries as I can.  I honestly didn’t expect too much from this book, considering the synopsis. I wasn’t big on the idea that she was going to find her first love and tell him how she feels even though he is about to marry someone else. Home-wreckers are NOT my style.

This book really surprised me and I found  myself not able to put it down.  Rory is a very likable fun character and even though she made some choices I didn’t really agree with, I still found myself rooting for her.

How can I sum up Matt and Rory:

He’s the peanut butter to her jelly, the pop to her tart, the mac to her cheese…. Basically these two belong together and the author had me convinced early on. But, Rory did leave Matt to pursue  something more. Will he be forgiving to her? Will he throw everything he has away for the woman who broke his heart?

Juliet Chatham set up a wonderful story with lovable characters. I really liked that I was able to get emotionally involved with these characters. I felt like I was there feeling everything Rory was feeling. She is who I related to the most.

If you are in the mood for a fun light summer read about First love and growth, then I definitely recommend this book to you!

About The Author



A lifelong unnamed (10)New Englander, I divide my time between the North Shore and Cape Cod. My

favorite things are beaches, boats, books, bars, the Boston Red Sox and boys, but not necessarily

in that order. Consequently, you’ll probably find that these are the things I write about, too.

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