I have no Idea what to Title This

Hey Guys!

I have been a very busy little bee lately and I hate to admit it, but I am still neglecting my books 😦

I FINALLY got to Legend and can you say AMAZING! When I finish Prodigy and Champion I will do a whole review mashup! I am really excited because I had been getting tired of the dystopian genre, but Legend renewed my faith!

On top of everything In my last post that had been going on, (my sister moving in and my reading slump) I got a job. My car pooped out on me, well if we are being technical my husband broke my car while trying to be Mr. Fix it, but I don’t blame him Nissan’s are a complicated vehicle to work on. Anyways, I had to buy a new car which means Payments and since I am also going to Tahoe in December for our first ever family vacation, I decided a job might help out a lot. I work at a Salon and we are ALWAYS busy which doesn’t leave much downtime for reading 😦 by the time I get home I just crash. I’m really hoping over the holidays and on my vacation I will have time to read, but I highly doubt it.

I have an Awesome bookhaul to post on Saturday, but I have decided I need to slow down on buying books, since I haven’t been reading as much. I really miss interacting with everyone and as soon as I can get time management under control I will definitely be more active!

How is everyone else doing? Any good reads this month? What are you doing for Halloween?


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