ARC Review: Where The Road Takes Me by Jay Mclean


Where The Road Takes Me
By Jay Mclean
format: Kindle Edition
Published February 10th 2015 by Skyscape
Arc Provided by Netgalley in exchange of an honest review

Chloe has one plan for the future, and one plan only: the road. She’s made a promise to herself: don’t let anyone in, and don’t let anyone love her. She’s learned the hard way what happens if she breaks her rules. So she’s focused on being invisible and waiting until she can set out on the road—her dream of freedom, at least for a little while.

Blake Hunter is a basketball star who has it all—everything about him looks perfect to those on the other side of his protective walls. He can’t let anyone see the shattered pieces behind the flawless facade or else all his hopes and dreams will disappear.

One dark night throws Chloe and Blake together, changing everything for Blake. For Chloe, nothing changes: she has the road, and she’s focused on it. But when the so-called perfect boy starts to notice the invisible girl, they discover that sometimes with love, no one knows where the road may lead.




When I saw Where the Road Takes Me on Netgalley, I knew I needed it. I mean, Jay Mclean is like book crack for me. I see her name on a book, I need it.

Holy Fire Truck WTRTM has a lot going on, but I still love it 🙂

Chloe is a senior in High school. Like most Seniors Chloe has a plan, but unlike most people her age, her plan involves being invisible and getting through high school so she can leave for the road. She has no other plans in life, besides for the road. She wants no relationships, connections, or anyone to worry about her.

Everything is going great for Chloe, until one night she runs and I mean literally runs into Blake Hunter aka Prince Charming 🙂

Blake is the High school basketball star who has the hottest girlfriend in school. Everything seems perfect from the outside. But not all is perfect in little Blake’s world. His mother is an alcoholic and his father is a controlling a-hole who wants nothing more but for Blake to Enlist in the military. But everything changes for Blake the night that Chloe runs into him.

Mclean has a way with creating characters in her books. While I find this book to be somewhat unrealistic and the love to be rushed, Mclean makes the impossible seem possible. I’m sure if this book would have been written by anyone else, I would have done a lot of eye rolling.

“No, chloe. I don’t think the word beautiful should ever exist unless it’s used to describe you”

I mean how cheesy is that? If a guy would use that line on me, I would probably laugh. But Blake, he was able to say this line and make me swoon. I believed him. At first Blake came off a LITTLE douchy. I really thought he was going to be the stereo typical jock, but he really surprised me. And I loved it! I also LOVED Blake’s best friend Josh, and I REALLY hope he gets his turn at a HEA he really deserves it.

Where The Road Takes Me, is a very emotional read. I cried so much through this book, but at the same time it is light and makes you feel the feels.

I would categorize this book as a YA>NA crossover. And recommend this to anyone who loves romance and Colleen Hoover!

2 thoughts on “ARC Review: Where The Road Takes Me by Jay Mclean

  1. I got this book on Netgalley, but have been hesitant about trying it. I’ve tried this author once and couldn’t get into the book, probably just because of timing and my mood. I may have to try this one anyway!

  2. It’s hard I wanna tell you to delve in that you will love it, but if you tried reading More Than This and didn’t like it, I dont think you will like this one either. I personally liked this one because the hero was great. Everything I would want in a man with no douchiness. But like in her other books there are a lot of tragic events that happen, that Im like “man, can this girl catch a break.” Like Mcleans other books as well this starts out as a YA and transitions into NA and I think this one is a TAD bit more racy than her other books.

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