ARC Review: Honeytrap by Crystal Green


Crystal Green
indle Edition, 291 pages
Expected publication: February 17th 2015
by InterMix

Have you ever had a boyfriend cheat on you? Did you call him out on it, even if he’s the hometown hero? I did and managed to get my heart broken in the process…

Now, back home in Aidan Falls for the summer, all I want to do is keep my head down until next semester starts—a hard prospect when my ex, his ex, and the whole damn town can’t seem to let go of the past.

And that’s not even mentioning Micah Wyatt, the ludicrously hot new guy who seems to know all about my past, and he isn’t shy about wanting to trap me in a bet he’s made to get the town pariah—aka me—under the sheets.

I know Micah is bad news, but that doesn’t make him any easier to resist. After all, I’ve had a taste of bad before, and I’m not sure I want to go back to being the good girl…



To say that I didn’t like Honeytrap is a nice the nicest way of putting it.

I have SO many problems with this book where do I begin? Let me give you a rundown of this book:

College girl, Shelby, returns home to her “redneck” town in Texas for summer break. Shelby broke up with the towns sweet ol’ quarterback. To say the town shuns her is putting it nicely, they hate her. She caught him cheating, called him out, so now she is just a slut! Nobody wants to associate with her. And worse of all the way she did it, why in the world would a girl use a fake profile online to catch her bf cheating? Gosh what a slut! When she returns home, the towns douchebag/badboy, Micah, puts his sights on Shelby. He lets her know he is gunna screw her and she is gunna fall for him. How romantic!

Doesn’t that just sound like a book everyone wants to read?!

Let me start off with something that REALLY ticked my nerves, I don’t know why it upset me so bad, but it did. This author set her story in Small Town Texas. Let me tell you something about small town Texas. We aren’t all rednecks here. And honestly, why is it appropriate to use redneck to describe people? While I wont go as far to say it is a racial term, it is a term used to degrade someone. My family is from small town Texas and you dare call my momma a redneck(and my momma is a bit hickish), phew, those are fightin words. Also just because your from small town Texas, doesn’t mean we are simple minded, dumb, or judgmental. Crystal Green, have you ever lived in Small Town Texas? Or are you just sterotypin? I’m surprised you didn’t say everyone was wearing cowboy hats and boots…

Next the characters. I thought these were college students I was supposed to be reading about, but honestly I thought I was reading about a set of high school freshman. Not a single character had the mentality of a college student.

Shelby…. My gosh how dumb can a girl be?

“As a flush raged over my skin-damn, sometimes it sucked to be blonde-the crowd hooted, the girl pressing herself up against micah and pulling him down for a kiss. He kept watching me, including me in the kiss like this was some kind of threesome, or like he was letting me know that this girl could be me, Shelby Carson with a little more hairspray, lipstick and willingness.”

then right after the kiss:

“He stepped closer, looming. So near that I could smell the laundry detergent on his shirt and soap on his skin and something else I couldn’t name-smoky, spicy, a mystery. I should’ve distanced myself like any smart person would, but I kept looking at his lips. They were fascinating, full, tipping down…..”

Girl he just got done kissing another girl right in front of you? What are you thinking?

The thing that makes me thing Shelby is just plain stupid though is, Evie, Shelby’s best friend finds out Micah has made a bet, that if he can nail Shelby by the end of summer he could become a share holder in the family business…. Later on Shelby says this “Still, I kind of liked that he was handling me with his own type of kid gloves. it was a little flattering, just like the bet had been”

Shelby how stupid are you? Your flattered some womanizer sat around with his cousins betting that he could get in your pants? SMH…

Micah is just an ass I see nothing redeeming about him. He sleeps with women as a sport. While that is his decision, he tends to brag about it to Shelby, whom he is trying to “screw”. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere in the last few chapters he is a reformed bad boy who only has eyes for Shelby. It is totally unrealistic.

This whole book is annoying and unrealistic.

And if I could give anyone advice it would be to avoid this book like the plague.

2 Stars


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