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What a Chaotic Past Few Months….

I have been a little absent lately. I know. I feel terrible, but I have had so much going on. As you know In Feb I lost someone very close to me, in March my daughter went into the Hospital with Pneumonia, My husband had a tire blow out which ended up totaling his truck (Don’t ask how a simple tire blow-out can do that), then Monday, my little Nissan Pathfinder caught fire under the hood. So a lot has been going on.

I feel like everything is building up and I have been in a very dark place. A place that not even reading was able to take me out of. So while I have read some review books, because I had committed myself to them, Which the few books I did choose to read were very good and entertaining, so, that was good. It would have sucked if the book had not been good. But I haven’t really read anything other than those few review copies. Right now, reading feels like a chore,  and I’m not going to push myself because I don’t want it to be a chore. I want to do it because I love it and enjoy it.

I really feel right now I am being tested, it’s the only conclusion I can come to with all the obstacles and hurdles that have come my way.

Anyways I want to write this to say THANK YOU, Thank You for following my blog even though I haven’t been the best blogger. Thank you for not just unfollowing because I have been absent. And Thank You for sticking around during this hard part. No other words can express my gratitude besides for Thank You.

I do have a HUGE book haul to post when I am ready. When I grieve, or have anxiety, or any problem really, I buy books, it is something that helps me. I love books and being surrounded by them makes me feel good. I just need to get around either making a video of the haul, or taking pictures of the books! But I will do that soon


Again Thank you all so much and I hope to
be a lot more active in the next few days, when things kind of simmer down.



6 thoughts on “What a Chaotic Past Few Months….

  1. Courtney, I’m sorry to hear things have been so rough lately. I hope it gets better, soon. I can relate and know it’s not easy!

  2. You really have been through the wars lately! I hope things start to pick up for you again soon. I too buy books when I’m having not such a great time… even if I don’t manage to get to them for a long time! Sending love and hugs your way R x

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