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Discussion Post: Getting Burned Out


It has been a while since I have posted, and I hate taking these long breaks from my blog, because it is my “safe” zone. But we cant always control life, and so I have had to take a break. I haven’t really read many books which kinda makes me depressed because I have bought SO many, and haven’t read a single one.

I think lately my taste in reading has changed a bit as well. Does anyone ever have that happen? I feel so burned out of YA because most dystopians are the same thing but different characters, the romance novels are all the same, again just different characters. NA the only author that appeals to me lately is Colleen Hoover and I’ve read Ugly Love 4 times already, so I need to cool down, but I feel like even that genre is getting repetitive. So what I did was start buying books that ¬†interested in me in the more adult genre, such as Patricia Briggs, Gena Showalter etc. I will Always Love YA and NA, but does anyone ever just get burned out? The problem I’m having with reading the new books in the genre I have bought is Im scared I will get disappointed. Now I know that’s irrational, but reading is something I love to do, and I want to be happy after Im done with a book and sometimes starting a new book is the hardest thing for me. Does anyone ever have problems starting a new book? I’m also really terrible at ending series, I don’t know why but I have SO many series I just have the last book to finish. But lately I just haven’t had the motivation to start or finish any book.

Another problem I have lately is Im really interested in the Student/Teacher romance (NA of course, I dont want a story about a 15 year old and a 22 yr old teacher… Creeper) and I feel like I’ve already read all the books in that category. And for some reason that’s the catergory I REALLY want to read now, but I can’t find any new books. Any Ideas???

Does anyone have any of these problems? Getting burned out, the repetitiveness of certain genres and sub genres, and the pain to start a new book? I don’t want to feel alone, lol!

Please share thoughts and opinions!


3 thoughts on “Discussion Post: Getting Burned Out

  1. I don’t really get burned out, per say. These past few months have been great with my reading, it’s the posting reviews that I have to conjure up some energy to do. It does get tedious with certain genres, but I always have at least 3-4 different ones ready to read. Lately though, dystopia has been getting kind of boring to me. I’m reading more contemporary right now than ever. Everyone has their reading slumps, so don’t feel bad.

  2. I feel like I get burned out way too much lately. I have been in more reading funks than I’d like to admit, and I think it’s because I’m bored with the genres I usually read. I have tried stepping back and reading other things in hopes to get my reading groove back! I just started a book yesterday that I can’t put down – Dangerous Girls. Finally something that has sucked me in, so much I read half of it in a few hours! That never happens for me these days.

    I’m assuming you’ve read Slammed by Colleen Hoover? My favorite teacher/student book. I haven’t read any others, yet.

    1. Thats So Funny Brandie, I bought Dangerous Girls Saturday, because It sounded interesting, and I finished it in one sitting @ 3am! Such a good book!!!!
      Yesss, I looove Colleen Hoover! I’m so glad Im not the only one getting bored with the genres.
      Oh also the author of Dangerous Girls, also has Dangerous Boys, which sounds sooooooo good. Im starting that one tonight! Def check it out, if you end up liking Dangerous Girls!

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