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July Wrap Up!


July has been a pretty decent reading month for me! It has been a while since I have had the desire to read for pure enjoyment, and it feels pretty damn good! If you would like reviews on any of these books please let me know below, I’d be more than happy to get some reviews up!



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4 thoughts on “July Wrap Up!

  1. Good month! Your enthusiasm for the Release Me series got me to add the books back to my TBR. Thanks for the recap of book one! I hope to pick up book two soon. 🙂

    1. Yay! I think you will really enjoy it! Also In the last 3 days I read the whole Wanted series, by J. Kenner, its another I highly recommend by her. As soon as I get my books out of storage, I am going to start the Stark International Series… She has really good writing, great characters, and a good story in all her books. I really cant brag about her enough. Im glad that the recap was somewhat helpful lol

    1. Yes! I got an ARC from Netgalley! I was slightly disappointed. I usually enjoy Jennifer E. Smith books, but this one really didn’t do it for me, but I know a lot of other people will really enjoy it. I actually plan on buying it for my sister when it comes out, so just because I didn’t enjoy it I know others that will. Right now I’m really more into New Adult books.

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