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Spotlight with Author: C.R. Richards

Hey Guys!
So today on the blog I will be featuring C.R. Richards! Richards writes some really kickass Fantasy novels, so if that’s your genre stick around, because I got the chance to interview her!

Interview with C.R. Richards


What are you working on at the moment?

Beyond the Obsidian Gates, the second book in “The Heart Of The Warrior” series is my

main focus this winter. I do have a few other books in the works later next year. Several of

my readers have asked for a sequel to my urban fantasy, Pariah. And then there’s the

paranormal horror novel, The Hounds of Perdition. I do a great deal of mentoring for junior

project managers as well as writers. I have a nonfiction guide in the works which captures

some of my lessons I share with my current mentees.

Did you always enjoy reading?

Reading has been a serious passion of mine since I could make out the sentence “See spot run.” I

remember my mother shooing me outside to play after I’d spent most of the day with my face planted

in a book. An avid reader of most genres, I have a “To Read” shelf that could crush a moose.

Where you good at English in school?

No, I was not. The creative writing was a breeze, but grammar was not my friend. We had an ongoing

feud for the longest time. I finally broke down and apologized. We’ve bonded now, but I do have a

line editor checking my work.

What was the hardest part of writing The Lords of Valdeon?

I started writing “The Heart Of The Warrior” series (The Lords of Valdeon is book one) back

in 2004. Taking the entire series from beginning to end, I didn’t stop work until the drafts of

all six books were finished. Ten years later, I’m hard at work rewriting the drafts. The hardest

part of the writing process is cutting out your “pet scenes” or what I call “the author’s

meanderings throughout the world.” It’s heart breaking sometimes to cut scenes or

characters that just don’t make sense anymore.

Any special snacks for when writing?

I love tea. I enjoy having a cup of English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Lady Grey or Oolong by me when I


What genre are your books and what draws you to this genre?

I write in two different genres, Fantasy and Horror. My grandmother was a good hostess to the wee

folk, putting out treats and keeping her garden Fae friendly. She’d tell me and her other grandchildren

tales of Otherworld. Gnomes and Fairies were her favorites. I loved the special magic she shared with

us and hope to keep the magic going by writing Fantasy stories.

Writing Horror came from an experience I had as a reporter on the high school newspaper.

Determined to bust an urban legend about the ghost of a suicide victim haunting the auditorium, I

went to investigate one night. Diligently checking up on reports of cold spots on stage and strange

noises, I proved two things. First – High school auditoriums are terrifying when they’re dark and

empty. Second – Even though I wasn’t able to prove or disprove the legend, my story was popular. I

could spin a good ghost story. I’ve loved spine tinglers ever since.

If you could collaborate with any author, who would you chose?

I’d love to sit beside Agatha Christie and be her “helper” just to see how that wonderful creative brain


What book/s are you currently reading?

I’m catching up on the Agent Pendergast series by Preston and Child. I’m on book 12, Two

Graves. This time of year, I always read and/or listen to Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

My favorite narrators are Tim Curry and Patrick Stewart.

Favorite movie?

The original Star Wars from May 1977. Does it get better than young Luke Skywalker and Han Solo?

Don’t think so…unless you throw in The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings into the mix.

How can readers discover more about you and your work?

Official Website




Author Central

The Books:
Phantom Harvest

Phantom Harvest – January, 2013

Gideon, a half-breed mutant with a surly temper and rotten luck, struggles to scrape a living as a tracker in the desolate territory near the gateway to the human world. Business seems to be picking up when Gideon is approached by a powerful dark elf with deep pockets and a serious problem. Human miners at the dark elf’s plant are being taken by an elusive predator. Gideon is pressured to find the killer before word of the disappearances reaches the human world, endangering the tense relationship between their two races. But, nothing is simple this close to the conduit between worlds. Archangel, a ruthless mercenary operating in the secret sectors of mutant society, has set his own deadly game in motion.

Surrounded by savage wilderness and cut off from contact with civilization, Gideon must find a way to protect his friends and survive to collect his bounty.


Pariah – December, 2014

Millennia have passed since the corrupt of Seelie society were banished from Otherworld. Abandoned in the Human Realm, their Descendants keep to the shadows, secretly controlling criminal organizations and swaying governments. Jin, a Seelie Descendant, refuses to swear allegiance to any Clan. Marked as a pariah, he is banished from their society. One ill-fated evening, Jin breaks the rules to visit the family he left behind. A chance meeting with an old enemy draws him into a murderous plot that could propel the

Human Realm into a bloody war. His warning of insurrection goes unheeded. Determined to keep the plan secret, the conspirator summons an ancient demon with a taste for Seelie blood. It’s reward? A pound of Jin’s flesh. On the run with a Death Mark on his head, Jin is desperate to find the cunning spider behind the conspiracy. With the help of Gracie Berry, a precognitive with a hidden past, Jin searches for their allusive enemy before his ruthless hunters find their target.


Lost Man's Parish

Lost Man’s Parish – February, 2015

Sentenced to life imprisonment for murder at age fifteen, Bill Dolan has become one of the most feared convicts in the Lost Man’s Parish Territorial Prison. Devoid of hope, it is a place of survival of the meanest and most amoral. For thirteen hard years, he has survived and thrived among other violent offenders. In a last act of vindictive spite, Bill’s grandmother uses her influence to condemn his little brother to life in the Parish. Andy is a peculiar boy with unsettling powers. Tales of Andy’s miracles quickly spreads among the greedy convicts. The specter of the Parish, a presence of pure evil, hungrily sniffs out the new resident. When the purity of Andy’s child-like innocence threatens to bring about change, the specter is desperate to destroy him. Bill must find a way to get Andy out of the escape proof prison, before they both succumb to the evil living within its walls.

The Lords of Valdeon

The Lords of Valdeon – January, 2016

A new series from award winning Author, C.R. Richards: The epic tale of two men begins. The first – a man of honor trying desperately to turn his country from civil war. The other – a boy struggling to discover his destiny before agents of evil find him first.

Coveted by two ancient enemies of a long forgotten age, the continent of Andara holds the key to victory in an endless struggle for dominance. Eight hundred years have passed since the god-like Jalora struck a bargain with the first King of Valdeon. The Lion Ring, symbol of the covenant and conduit of power, gives its bearer incredible abilities. The ring’s borrowed magic protects the people of Andara from covetous evil, but there is a price. As with most predators, the Lion Ring must feed. Only the blood of the D’Antoiné family line will satisfy its hunger.

A rival for Andara’s treasures, the Sarcion has waited impatiently for its time upon the land. Whispers of treason in the right ear aid its treachery. The King of Valdeon mysteriously disappears, leaving his lands in danger of a civil war by the hand of a murderous usurper. His Lion Ring is lost and the covenant is broken. The Jalora’s power begins to seep away from the land. Evil’s foothold grows stronger. Can the Lords of Valdeon, Sacred Guard of the covenant, stop the tides of war? Or will Andara fall into chaos?

The future rests in the blood of a boy…

About C.R. Richards:



A huge lover of horror and dark fantasy stories, C. R. Richards enjoys telling tales of intrigue and adventure. Having began writing as a part-time columnist for a small entertainment newspaper, Richards has worn several hats: food critic, entertainment reviewer and cranky editor. She has now published a handful of novels, including Phantom Harvest – book one in The Mutant Casebook Series – which took home the EPIC eBook Award for Fantasy in 2014.

Richards beat out entries from the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and other English speaking countries.

The youngest of five army brats, Richards was born on a military base in Utah. She spent much of her childhood in the back of her family’s sky blue station wagon on trips to see her grandmother – who would show her how to spot faeries in the backyard. “Sometimes she’d put candy in small silk slippers and tell us the pixies had done it,” says Richards. “She’s the one who gave me my love of fantasy creatures.”

Her most recent literary projects include the horror short story, Lost Man’s Parish and the newly-released dark fantasy thriller, Pariah. She is an active member of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers and Horror Writers Association.

In January, Richards releases her epic fantasy novel The Lords of Valdeon, the first installment in the Heart of the Warrior series. Through her storytelling, Richards aims to reach lovers of fantasy who are exploring alternatives to the traditional status quo. Her message is simple: One person can be a catalyst for change.

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Author Central



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