Guest Post: C.R Richards Why Are Book Covers So Important

Welcome C.R. Richards to the blog today!
She is going to be discussing Why book covers are so important!
Richards published Lords of Valdeon, which in my opinion
has a gorgeous cover!

*Cue Cover*

The Lords of Valdeon

Why Book Covers Are So Important:
C.R. Richards

I’m a BookBub and Riffle addict. They send me daily emails and I open rather than ignore them. Why?
Inside each email is a tantalizing display of book covers. Sure the books have a nice sale price, but I’m
not drawn to the “Free” or “$1.99” price tag. I’m irresistibly captured by the look and feel of the cover.
Dark, ghostly and sinister looking? Yep. That’s my jam. Readers expect certain traits on book covers to
reflect their genre. Ignore this simple rule at your own risk. Remember, each BookBub email lists about
ten books a day. If your cover doesn’t contain some element I expect to see from your genre, then my
eye skips right over it. A book cover should be a reflection of the story within. I’ll use my new epic fantasy novel, The Lords of
Valdeon, as an example. Let’s start with the background. Valdeon is a fictional land based on Spain and
the San Antonio, Texas area. Both locations are filled with rolling hills, vineyards, vibrant colors and
warm sun. The reader immediately understands this most likely won’t be a seafaring adventure. Background, 
however, is only the beginning. You’ll need to add a “key element(s)” as a descriptor. You’ve got the
“where” down, but now you need the “Who” or “What” in which the story is about. I have six books in
the Heart Of The Warrior series. The ethereal Lion will be featured on each cover. It represents the
animal spirit of the Lion Ring and symbolizes the main conflict in the series. Everybody wants the power
living inside the ring and they’re willing to kill for it. If the artist put a couple passionately kissing in place
of the lion’s head, then this would be a much different book. The reader would expect it to be a romance.

Credit for The Lords of Valdeon book cover must go to the wonderful artists at ebooklaunch.com. We’ve
worked together on three book projects over the past few years. Experience has helped me to
understand what information to include in my cover order and when to let the artist have creative play
on the design. The result is the beautiful cover above.
Our first project wasn’t a slam dunk. My horror short, set in the 1860s era Colorado Territory, was my
first try at Indie Publishing. It was an intense learning experience for me. Communicating my
expectations and needs to vendors became critical to the success of the book.
The artists are used to working with newbies like I was and offered me three cover options. Keep in
mind this is a horror story set in a Colorado territorial prison in the 1860s. Fans of horror and historical
fiction expect accuracy.

Cover choice 1: This design gives the feel of a more modern prison cell, perhaps from the 1920s or 30s.

Cover choice 2: It has more of the key element, fire, but that 1920s or 30s feel is stronger with the
selected font.

Cover choice 3: Winner! The cover captures the feeling of isolation in the middle of the Colorado
Territory. While the key element of fire is present, it isn’t overwhelming.
Lost Man's Parish

Thinking through the symbolism of your book cover is critical whether you’ve chosen to hire it done or
try to tackle it yourself. Take the time to thoughtfully select key elements important to your story. Hop
online and window shop covers in your genre. Conventional wisdom says “you can’t judge a book by its
cover.” Maybe not, but an eye catching cover will give your book a leg up over the competition.

Lets give a HUGE thanks to C.R. Richards for taking the time to do this post for us today! Below I will leave info about her new release: Lords of Valdeon.
I will also leave links in case anyone wants to stalk her 😉

The Lords of ValdeonThe Lords of Valdeon – January, 2016

A new series from award winning Author, C.R. Richards: The epic tale of two men begins. The first – a man of honor trying desperately to turn his country from civil war. The other – a boy struggling to discover his destiny before agents of evil find him first.

Coveted by two ancient enemies of a long forgotten age, the continent of Andara holds the key to victory in an endless struggle for dominance. Eight hundred years have passed since the god-like Jalora struck a bargain with the first King of Valdeon. The Lion Ring, symbol of the covenant and conduit of power, gives its bearer incredible abilities. The ring’s borrowed magic protects the people of Andara from covetous evil, but there is a price. As with most predators, the Lion Ring must feed. Only the blood of the D’Antoiné family line will satisfy its hunger.

A rival for Andara’s treasures, the Sarcion has waited impatiently for its time upon the land. Whispers of treason in the right ear aid its treachery. The King of Valdeon mysteriously disappears, leaving his lands in danger of a civil war by the hand of a murderous usurper. His Lion Ring is lost and the covenant is broken. The Jalora’s power begins to seep away from the land. Evil’s foothold grows stronger. Can the Lords of Valdeon, Sacred Guard of the covenant, stop the tides of war? Or will Andara fall into chaos?

The future rests in the blood of a boy…

Buy Lords Of Valdeon from Amazon here

About C.R. Richards

91254704-aaa7-41f6-9157-00dc9c0eee43A huge lover of horror and dark fantasy stories, C. R. Richards enjoys telling tales of intrigue and adventure. Having began writing as a part-time columnist for a small entertainment newspaper, Richards has worn several hats: food critic, entertainment reviewer and cranky editor. She has now published a handful of novels, including Phantom Harvest – book one in The Mutant Casebook Series – which took home the EPIC eBook Award for Fantasy in 2014.

Richards beat out entries from the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and other English speaking countries.

The youngest of five army brats, Richards was born on a military base in Utah. She spent much of her childhood in the back of her family’s sky blue station wagon on trips to see her grandmother – who would show her how to spot faeries in the backyard. “Sometimes she’d put candy in small silk slippers and tell us the pixies had done it,” says Richards. “She’s the one who gave me my love of fantasy creatures.”

Her most recent literary projects include the horror short story, Lost Man’s Parish and the newly-released dark fantasy thriller, Pariah. She is an active member of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers and Horror Writers Association.

In January, Richards releases her epic fantasy novel The Lords of Valdeon, the first installment in the Heart of the Warrior series. Through her storytelling, Richards aims to reach lovers of fantasy who are exploring alternatives to the traditional status quo. Her message is simple: One person can be a catalyst for change.

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