Beauty Mark By Stephie Walls

33018946A soaring career…
A fractured heart…
Left in shattered shards of stained glass.

Aspiring author, Callie Clark, finally achieves her most-coveted goal, landing a contract with a highly sought-after publishing company. Reeling from the pain of a broken heart, Callie puts her love life on hold.

Focused solely on her career, the dream she’s faithfully held onto becomes taunting, and the higher she climbs, the faster she falls.

When tragedy winds itself through triumph, Callie learns to open her heart again. But it might be too late when a visitor from her past resurfaces and threatens the dream she clings to.

Stephie Walls is a new-to-me author, who won me over with this unforgettable novel Beauty Mark! She definitely gained a new fan with me… The writing was stunning, the plot was different and daring, the characters were fun and easy to relate with! Beauty Mark is unlike anything in the romance genre (or any genre for that matter) that I have read before.
If you are looking for an unrealistic fairytale all nicely wrapped up with a bow, then this book is NOT for you! Stephie Walls takes us on a jacked up emotional roller coaster ride full of feels!

Now, the main character Callie frustrated me to NO end… I won’t lie, there were so many times I wanted to just slap her or bang her head against a damn wall because of how stubborn and hard headed she was… But, then I thought about it and was like this shit is real! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve wanted to just taking a frying pan to my best friends face because she lost her damn sense and me being the best friend I am needed to help her get it back! Callie made decisions I didn’t agree with, I caught myself at times lashing out at her, but, there were also times I wanted to be there for her and hold her and let her know everything was going to be alright.
I’m not into spoilery reviews, and I feel if I go into depth about why Callie irked me yet at the same time I loved her and wanted to hug her, it would give too much away.
What I can say is this book is REAL… This book is RAW.. This book here is one that will definitely leave its mark on you!

5 stars

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